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« The beginning is in every work what matters most »


Expertises & Méthodes: Citation
Expertises Matières&Stratégie


Matières & Stratégie is primarily characterized by its longstanding experience and expertise in strategy and business planning, general management, trade, marketing and communication, as well as innovation and technological and societal R&D. 

These fields of expertise are completed by more than 30 years of professional experience and by a perfect knowledge of business governance and of how local, national, and international organisations can be run, i.e. activities for which influence, external relations, and public affairs are often what really matters…

In addition, Matières & Stratégie has at your disposal a specific expertise in the fields of the Social and Solidary Economy, social entrepreneurship, and all the alternative and innovating ways to start up a company. We are also very familiar with the functioning of VSB and SMB, of technological start-ups with a strong impact, and of local and regional authorities, of States and of principals for national and international projects.

Expertises & Méthodes: À propos
Expertises & Méthodes: À propos
Méthodes Matières&Stratégie


At Matières & Stratégie, we have our own methods, which alternate between overarching vision and action in the field, throughout a continual interaction between the conceptual and the operational level, both feeding back to each other; 

Our approach is “tailor-made”, adapted to your challenges;

Our passion is to conceptualize a project, to contribute to its completion, and to make it a success; 

Our implements are cutting-edge tools, which already exist and have proven their worth, or which we create ourselves, for instance the VAMOS® Method. 

We also produce and co-produce in-depth articles, monographs, and works on societal issues; 

As a result, we offer a wide range of operational modes, from reflection to the “Think and Do Task Force”.

The power of an international network

Matières & Stratégie also benefits from an outstandingly powerful relational network, very diversified, international, multicultural and multi-sector, a network managed with care, which often rests upon a common history, meaningful encounters, shared experiences… This network accounts for 10,000 occurrences in databases and makes an approach based on economic intelligence and “small worlds theory” possible.

Beyond traditional influencers in the business world, Matières & Stratégie’s relational network is also composed of trade unions, employers’ organisations, journalists, media personalities, political leading figures, researchers and scientists, and, of course, experts. 

Joseph Edward Stiglitz
Ambassade France turquie
Bertrand Piccard
François Gabart
Jeremy Rifkin
Président Costa Rica
Discours AG ONU NYC
ITW ambassade de F en Slovaquie

Proven expertise, pragmatic and efficient methods

At Matières & strategie, these are expertise, methods to be transmitted, built on the concrete experiences of the founder: the contribution to the creation of start-ups and their success in the field of home services (Chèque Domicile: leader in the field ), health (Télfix: become co-leader in updating the French health card), the creation and management of major European projects, (SOL project: complementary multi-media currency, Social Care Voucher, etc.) or the ex nihilo creation of SSE Forum International (Global Network of Leaders), of the International Leading Group of SSE at the United Nations (which brings together states, networks and UN agencies). Added to this is a strong experience in economic intelligence, advocacy, and numerous contributions to legal texts, in France and abroad, and finally, the writing of national development strategies in the field of SSE for states (VAMOS Togo, for example).

Expertises & Méthodes: À propos
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