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Consulting & strategic support for managers and organizations, engineering of complex projects, Project management


Acquisition of major accounts, market structuring, and fundraising


Intra or inter-company, face-to-face or on video tools, oriented business or sector of activity, ready-to-train or tailor-made module, and original Team Buildings

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A particularly powerful, very diverse, international, multi-cultural and multi-sectoral relational network

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Jeremy Rifkin

Discussion with J Rifkin on the creation of the International leading Group for the Social and Solidarity Economy -ILGSSE -within the United Nations during the World Summit of Cooperatives -Quebec 2016. In line with his book "The Zero Marginal Cost Society".

Jeremy Rifkin

Jean-Philippe Poulnot

Matières & Stratégie testifies to the desire of its founder to transmit more than 30 years of experience in companies and within organizations, whether regional, national, international or supra-national, whether private, public, NGOs, or government related.

The main players Matières & Stratégie like to work with are SSE and social entrepreneurship structures, local communities and states, and also meaningful start-ups, whether technological or societal.

As for the fields of intervention and expertise of Matières & Stratégie, they cover consulting in the broad sense, business input and training, and you will discover over the pages of our site, what fully means "your think and do task force ”.

The support offered by Matières & Stratégie is therefore by nature particularly extensive, adaptable, and multidisciplinary. It is based on solid theoretical constructs, on a great deal of practical experience, associated with the BSP.

Matières & Stratégie is Passion for materials, their positive transformation, starting with the human being, gray matter ... allied to strategy, where we draw creative and transformative energy to achieve our goal, and therefore make your business, your organization successful ...

We wish you a pleasant visit of Matières & Stratégie website and wonderful discoveries of what we can do for you!

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